About Cindy Levy

Cindy Levy is a psychotherapist, consulting hypnotist, wildlife biologist and naturalist. Her work focuses on expanding our sense of self in the outer world (earth, ecosystems) and inner world (psyche, soul). She brings a grounded scientific background through 20 years of work with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Forest Service as a fish and wildlife biologist, while maintaining a private psychospiritual therapy practice during the last 10 years as well.

During her career as a biologist it became clear to her that the problems facing our environment reflect the dis-ease within our own minds. Solving external issues on a case-by-case basis is only part of the work. The deeper work is in restoring our connections to ourselves, each other, and to the earth and its inhabitants. When we heal the sense of alienation, our hearts open, and we naturally act with compassion and purpose.

As a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, she focuses on restoring a sense of wholeness within each person. In her experience, adverse events in our lives are often the doorways that open us to deeper, wiser, stronger, more compassionate aspects of ourselves that we may not have encountered otherwise. When we "wake up" to all of who we are -- the parts we like and the parts we may not -- we can hold all that with kindness and self-love, and without judgment. We are then able to see ourselves as powerful and worthwhile, and able to create the changes we desire.

As a hypnotherapist, she helps clients tap into deeper aspects of themselves that are out of conscious awareness. Hypnosis provides a bridge between the conscious and subconscious minds that allows us to access the answers within. With her skilled guidance, clients become aware of their resources and potential that have always been there, waiting to be called forth.

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